Geology, specialty Applied Geology of the Polish Lowlands

Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences

Level of studies: second-cycle studies
Type of studies: full-time
Duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: Polish
Professional title: master (magister)
Educational profile: general academic

About the programme

Admission to the programme

Admission schedule

Contact details for admission subcommittee

Detailed admission rules

Variant 1

For graduates of first-cycle studies and graduates of master's studies of the same or a related programme

Elements of selection procedure Minimum
Weight of
1) grade on the higher education diploma - 5 4 20
Maximum number of points to be scored during the selection procedure 20

Variant 2

For graduates of first-cycle studies in the same or related programmes

Elements of selection procedure Minimum
Weight of
1) interview 12 20 1 20
Maximum number of points to be scored during the selection procedure 20

Ad 1. Additional information:

An interview concerning the scope of first-cycle studies in Geology

Selection procedure steps

Variant selection

Selection procedure steps depend on admission variant.

List of documents

Set of documents

  • photo file which will be used when generating the personal questionnaire
  • a scan of university diploma

Medical certificate

In the case of this programme the candidate must present a medical certificate on lack of health-related contraindications to study, certified by an occupational medicine physician.

The medical certificate is required only from candidates admitted to the programme and should be submitte in the dean’s office at the beginning of the academic year. Referral to the medical examination is sent via the AMU Department of Education upon the candidate’s admission to the programme.

Preparation of the documents

During the recruitment process, candidates do not submit any paper documents.

Each of the required documents should be scanned to a separate file in PDF format. A document (e.g. certificate or diploma) that has more than one page should be scanned into one multi-page PDF file.

Scanning documents can be carried out on its own with the use of a scanner or with the use of dedicated applications for devices with Android or iOS. The document scanning service is also available at most copy shops.

Attestation of documents

Document attestation is a process in which an employee of the University confirms the compliance of the attached scans of documents with their original (paper) version. Attestation of the document by AMU consists in submitting (for inspection) the original document at the Student Office at the Faculty at the beginning of the academic year.

Polish language command (B2 level)

Foreigners applying for admission to this field of study are required to attach a document confirming knowledge of the Polish language at the B2 level (see the list of accepted documents).

A candidate who does not have an appropriate document is obliged to take a Polish language proficiency test (online test).

Documents obtained abroad

Candidates with documents obtained abroad also provide:

  • a scan of a foreign document, which is legalized or accompanied by an apostille, entitling the candidate to take up higher education studies in the country where the document was issued
  • a scan of translation of the document into the language of the studies undertaken by the candidate, performed by a sworn translator entered into the list of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Minister of Justice, or certified by a Polish consul in the country where the document was issued
  • a certificate of recognition of a foreign certificate as equivalent to Polish Matura certificate issued by a competent Board of Education – if the foreign certificate is not recognized, by virtue of law or under international agreements, as a document entitling to commence higher education studies in Poland
  • a scan of a document confirming the entitlement to study tuition-free – in the case of the foreigners concerned

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